Week 3: Persona Presentation

This was the first session that was given entirely to presentations.  It was really exciting to finally hear what everyone had been getting up to and the direction their projects were beginning to take.  I was really impressed with how confident my class mates were!  It definitely added to how nervous I was feeling as I had been having difficulty during the week defining my problem statement and so was no longer going to use the personas that I had created.  I had received some feedback from my tutor prior to the session; she had noticed that I perhaps was trying to take on too much on and should try to focus on 2/6 problem topics that I had identified.  There for I will now need to rethink my personas slightly.

It was in the end really helpful to share my research experiences with the group, I received some more useful feedback, after having a low point this week.  It was good to hear that I had enough to carry on, and perhaps too much data which is why I had been feeling so lost!  Two of my insights were picked up on by our course leader: the idea that generally climbers can often be quite socially anxious people and value the sport because you can choose to partake non competitively.


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