The Go Climbing Project: Problem Statement & Project Brief

After reviewing my research I have picked out three personas:

PersonasI am focusing on social circle and knowledge, (not motivation) which means that I can narrow this down further:

Personas 2

I am glad to see that I am able to include the more experienced climber in my project after all because of ‘run out of options’.  I am simplifying my problem statement in to these two points:

Problems to solve:

Hard to meet people of similar level or above to go climbing with

Not sure where to go

Solving these problems will, I believe, help with confidence and knowledge.  I would like it to be easier for people who face similar issues to talk with each other.  I am also proposing a solution that will give the more experienced climber more options than they have currently:

Proposed solution – a service which:

Lets you search and message people who like to climb near you who have a particular profile.

Lets you search for cragg locations nationally, by type of climbing and difficulty

(Lets you search for people who live near a certain cragg/ location and then message them.) Secondary

I was only able to pinpoint these findings after several attempts at goal writing for my project.  This process really hi-lighted what the service could offer and what it should offer actually based on the user research.  I go in to more depth about this process on the next post.


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