Week 3: Persona Presentation

This was the first session that was given entirely to presentations.  It was really exciting to finally hear what everyone had been getting up to and the direction their projects were beginning to take.  I was really impressed with how confident my class mates were!  It definitely added to how nervous I was feeling as I had […]

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Week 3: Intro to Sketching

This week we learnt about how to take a problem statement and generate possible solutions.  Sketching is the best way to get everything on paper so that ideas can be analysed and developed quickly and cheaply, it is a very ‘low risk’ yet essential task.  To sketch all you need to do is to be […]

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Week 2: User Research and Personas

Matt started of the week with an in-depth look at the different forms of user research; ethnographic, surveys and user interviews.  Research exists to define the goals or needs or ‘what is not being met’ for a specified group of people.  These things can occur regularly over different time frames, sporadically or at times of crisis. […]

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Week 1: Intro to UX Design

I was pretty psyched to be starting the 12 week UX course at General Assembly.  I had a taster session last week focusing on key UX principles for e-commerce sites which jumped straight in and broke down how a successful user journey should function where the goal is to achieve some sort of purchase. So I was keen to […]

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